Wednesday, September 08, 2004


Today was another passable day, having its own ups and downs.

After coming home, my cough started heading towards hurricane strength.

Tomorrow will bring another formal observation by my University lecturer at a rather inopportune time, 2:40pm to 3pm. Not only is that time-slot awkward (it will usually just be the tidy up and dismissal), but tomorrow my associate is going to be away and there will be no cover for her (this I found out at 5:30pm today). So classes will be merged for P.E. outside... for the whole afternoon. After discussion with my teacher and a practicum facilitator at the school, the plan is to do an athletics lesson (Long Jump) when my lecturer arrives. I have taught one extemporaneous athletics lesson in the past, and now I will have to create all the paper work for teaching it.

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