Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Let's Dance

We had our first dance class today for our course. Interestingly everyone loved it! Our lecturer started with a nice spiel and then we got down to moving about. It had a nice variety of creativity, active play and co-operation.

At first, it was hardly dance. But then that is the case with many activities. You start off with the basics. First, we had two seconds to find a "safe" place to move. That means a place where you won't run into anyone. Then she would say "walk" "jump" "run" etc. And we have to move around then she would say "freeze" and change the action. This was all to see how capable they are of moving together, avoiding each other.

Then we got in a circle, the teacher numbered us 1 to 7. We had to cross the circle in one of three modes, "High" "Middle" or "Low" referring to whether you should walk tall (which is "high"), walk crouching or be on all-fours (which is "middle"), or "low" which means to slither or be on the ground. The other rules were that we couldn't repeat any action and you mustn't do the same mode twice in a row. So the teacher would say "3" and all the threes would cross the circle any way they want. She'd say the numbers really quickly so it seemed like everyone was crossing at a busy intersection.

Then we did our own choreographing. But that is too hard to describe. It was so fun~

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