Sunday, September 19, 2004

Invasions and My Atrocities

Aphids have taken over one of my basil plants and were in the process of springboarding onto my recovering little basil plant. So, I showed what a brutal biological dictator I was, taking to them, picking them off, squishing them, men, women and children with no discrimination. They are pretty dumb but camouflaged (well not the winged ones but most of them). They are dug in and entrenched on their first conquest so this will take some patience. If anyone spots a ladybird around the garden, bottle it and bring them here. Apparently they can serve as my secret police preying on those sticky rebels, bent on creating an aphidine paradise.

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ideacat said...

If you can't find any ladybirds, you can also combat them by spraying them with diluted dishwashing liquid.