Monday, September 20, 2004

Day back

I woke up this morning to my room well-lit by the rising morning sun glowing through my curtains. This was not a good thing as I had intended to sleep in after a night of assignment construction. The days just before the October daylight savings change are the worst. You get woken up earlier and earlier by the sun, and once you adjust, in comes daylight savings to put paid to all that adjustment.

Anyway, my sleep-in, which I wish could have been longer, should have been much longer. All the diploma students crammed into the lecture room, exchanging stories of 3-foot horrors, disdainful associate teachers, cute little kids and post-practicum postmortums. These conversations went well past 9am as no lecturer had come in. It is a sad day in a course when students are now use to lecturers performing a no-show. Especially on the day of an assignment...

So our first real lecture started at 1pm, and laughably had two lecturers arrive to lecture. One, the one that should have taught this morning, quickly gave way to the person who was scheduled to teach, and beat a hasty retreat. So we learnt about the history of astronomy and physics. Fascinating stuff!

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