Friday, September 17, 2004

Best and Worst Ads

Probably my favourite set of ads would have to be the SKY ads with the two rugby and movie addicted mates who do anything they can to enjoy SKY TV without having it themselves. Or suffering the detriment of not having SKY. They are improving I think. The last two with a satire of Italian gangsters and then the hysterical Gorilla documentary one are the works of a genius mind.

My favourite mag The Listener commented:

"And what is Sky Television's popular campaign featuring two stooges who just want to watch television but an epic of contemportary masculinity under siege. A contract is put out on them by real hard men. The reliable male wish-fulfilment fantasy of the sex-starved worman goes awry as they're chased by transvestites - "Look at the size of you!" Even more alarmingly, the big guy (significantly, it's always the big guy) gets harassed - "Awwwwwwww ...... Ewwwwwwwww!" - by an amorous female gorilla. It could all be seen as quite misogynistic if it wasn't so funny."

My least favourite ads are the "I saved hundreds"/"I saved thousands" ads. I just hate the sense made by them. The hypothetical characters in them are portraying the idiocy of the modern buyers. YOU AREN'T SAVING IDIOTS! I just wanted to yell at the screen.


James said...

My father usually presses the mute button when the ads come on, but he will watch those Sky TV ones that you mentioned.

I liked the one where they were listening to the cricket on the radio and they kept losing the reception. The passer-by who got so angry at them being up the tree was funny.

I still like the sports water ad of the guy running through the streets and imagining that he's coming first in a big marathon. I relate to what he's feeling.

Crypticity said...

I can only vaguely remember that particular SKY ad. I think the person who does makes them must be consistent because all the SKY ads have the same feeling. Including the recent one with the Dad walking down the street with all three bottles of toxic Dad aftershave. And the first of these SKY ads with the man who goes to the fish and chips shop but doesn't want to allow the possibility of hearing the rugby score... classic.

There are more than a few Canadians in my diploma course. And one of the things that they really like about NZ (apart from the yoghurt) is the advertisements on TV. That is not the first time I have heard that.

Who would ever think we were blessed in this department? It worries me to think how boring the other countries must have it.